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The Unhurried Journey to Faith

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about living in Africa, it’s that everything takes longer than you expect, and making disciples is no exception. When we first begin discipling a family who desires to follow Jesus, we take them through a series of Bible studies called “Discovering God.” It’s 20 lessons long, and we try(…)

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A Fallen Brother

It’s still hard to believe what happened just two days ago now. I keep catching myself thinking that it’s not real, that it didn’t really happen—but it did. Our coworker and close friend, Andrew Stoff, whom I’ve mentioned several times before, and I had spent all day Wednesday around the Lamba area doing Discover Bible Studies(…)

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Update: A busy month

Just wanted to write a quick update letting you know about our progress. We have been going nearly non-stop over the past month (two, really), but it has been really great. We have been praying that God would direct our path and lead us to the people he wants us to meet and share our(…)

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