A Fallen Brother

It’s still hard to believe what happened just two days ago now. I keep catching myself thinking that it’s not real, that it didn’t really happen—but it did. Our coworker and close friend, Andrew Stoff, whom I’ve mentioned several times before, and I had spent all day Wednesday around the Lamba area doing Discover Bible Studies(…)

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Home group marathon!

Wow, what a day! As you might already know, Living Water is now our sending church which we’re really excited about. Our plan is to be back in Togo by spring (or early summer at the latest) of 2012, so for the next few months we’re really focusing on getting to know more people at Living Water.(…)

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What we've been up to

It’s been nearly seven months since we left Togo and a lot has happened in that time. Some of you who followed our previous blog may not even be aware of the changes that have taken place, so here’s the short and sweet summary of the past seven months.

Shortly after we arrived back in the States in April we began a long, difficult process that we had been anticipating for a while. We notified all our supporters of how God had changed us over the past several years and how that inevitably led us to being different than our denomination expected us to be as missionaries. It’s a long, complicated story, but looking back on it we can see God’s hand in it every step of the way. We now see that it was merely

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The gift of life

Today was one of those unexpected, out-of-the-ordinary, shocking days.  I woke up, took a shower, and started getting ready for the day.  I turned my phone on a got a text that was sent at 2:30 in the morning from my best friend, Mark.  I quickly entered that bizarre mental state of trauma and disbelief(…)

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