During the recent Disciple Making Movements conference in Lomé, the Lord showed me a few deficiencies in my approach to making disciples and training others to do the same. One thing that I became well aware of is that I had begun to develop a mentality that, because I am now busy training others to make disciples, it wasn’t really important or necessary that I continue finding new “people of peace” (Luke 10:6) myself. The Lord showed me how this type of dangerous mentality can easily lead to spiritual laziness and pride.

Patrice & Jeanne

Trust me, they really are happy! Most Togolese don’t smile for photos.

So at just the right moment the Lord led me to an opportunity to put into practice this changed mentality. A good friend of mine named Koffi, who is also a dedicated disciple maker, had begun visiting a family in Kara (the city where we live) just before he moved down to Lomé (6 hours south). He briefly shared the gospel with them, and they were extremely interested and wanted to know more, so he asked if I would visit them to continue where he had left off. I gladly accepted and got the chance to meet Palakiyém (Patrick) and Éoda (Jeanne) just this past Thursday. I went with Daniel, one of the students in the Oikos School, and after chatting for quite a while and getting to know the couple, we asked if they would like to hear a small portion of the Bible. They excitedly said yes, so we listened to and discussed the story of creation and the fall of man. They were both very engaged in answering questions about the passage, and they seem hungry to hear more. I asked them, however, to wait until next week, and in the mean time to tell this story they just heard to some of their closest friends, family, and neighbors who might want to study the Bible as well. Then next week we’ll see if we can get a group together to start a chronological study through the Scriptures.

Please be praying for this couple that they will have boldness to tell others about the story they heard, that Jesus will protect them from spiritual attack, and that the Lord will open the hearts of those around them and draw people to himself.