Please join us in praying for the three-day training that will begin tomorrow morning (11pm Thursday night on the West Coast) and for all the students and teachers involved. This month we are blessed to welcome a new student, named Dieudonné, who is from an hour north of Kanté in the city of Mango. He is a chaplain in the Hospital of Hope there, a disciple-maker, and a church planter in the villages around the city.

On a personal note, I have a pinched nerve in my neck that has given me fits on and off again over the past five years or so. Normally the pain is nominal, but when it gets re-agrivated it can be quite excruciating. Over the past few days it has gradually gotten worse, to the point where today I could barely function. This is terrible timing, since I will be sitting for three days on hard, wooden benches when I’m not teaching and sleeping in the back of our pickup. Prayers would be very appreciated.

I’ll write another update after the training to let you know how it went. Thanks so much for your prayers!