With one of my friend from the marketBeing back in Togo has been so good for our family. We all love it here and love being home, but most of all I think we all—especially Jesse and I—love what Africa does for our family. It provides ample time for us to spend time with our kids and each other because we do not have all of the distractions that we would have in the States. You see, life stops around 6 every evening here because it gets dark at that time. This time is used for playing with and teaching our kids. Also, life here allows us to have an actual schedule, while in the States things were always changing: traveling, visiting, staying up late with friends and family. All those things were so much fun, but deep down I am glad for our more simple life in Togo.

Jesse, Joshua, & David with AlazaWhen we first arrived, Joshua went right back into Africa mode—speaking French, climbing trees, eating local food, catching lizards, playing soccer outside our gate with the neighborhood kids, and playing with his best friend, David. Oh yes, and being absolutely filthy and exhausted at the end of the day. Life is good for Joshua. He has also just started online school this year and is really enjoying it. He’s doing great and learning a lot.

Owen's first lizard catch!Owen, on the other hand, stayed inside adjusting to all the changes when we first got here. He loved all of the new things to discover, but was a little timid of all the new people he was meeting. He is just now beginning to talk to people and he tries to speak French, which is adorable. He also goes out occasionally to the village with Jesse which gives him ample time to chase chickens, throw rocks at trees, and play in the dirt.  People love him here. He is taking after Joshua as he has officially caught his first lizard and he was so proud of himself! He also just informed me he loves flies, which he brings into the house—aargh! Like we do not have enough wildlife in our home already. I love raising our boys in Togo!

Tchéou's daughter enjoying IanIan is called Tomas here because people have a hard time saying and remembering his first name, so we use his middle name which is Thomas after my dad. Everyone loves Ian he is the hit of the party. Everywhere we go they cannot believe how big he is and how cute he is. They call him “beau gar” which means handsome boy. He smiles at everyone and everyone wants to hold him. He has brought everyone so much joy.

Jesse is busy going out to the village and teaching in the Oikos School. Every time he comes home from the village and the school he has a story to tell me about what has happened and we stand in amazement at what God is doing in the lives of people around us.

And finally me, I am back to cooking a lot and taking care of my family that God has blessed me with. I have my good days and bad days, just like every woman on earth. I have enjoyed getting back to see my friends and to make some new ones. I have not been able to get out as much as I like since it’s just so difficult with caring for Ian and doing school with Joshua.

If you will all pray for our family as we continue to work in Togo that the Lord will do great things in our lives and the lives of people around us, and please pray that Jesse and I will have wisdom as we continue to raise our boys for Him.