Recently at our update presentation, we announced the launch of our school in Togo where we train disciple-makers. We decided to name the school the Oikos School for Church Planting. Our first session took place at the end of February with 15 students.

Since that time, Andrew and the teacher/mentors have been traveling all over the Lamba and Tamberma regions to follow up with the students to see how they have been implementing what they learned in the first session and to provide mentoring and advice for their work. They expected to find many of these guys following the same pattern we have seen from most Togolese people we’ve worked with: struggling to find people with whom they could start Bible studies, lacking motivation to do so, and using their difficult financial situation as a reason why they can’t. But what they have found has absolutely shocked them.

Each and every person they have visited has not only started multiple Bible studies, but they have a vision to start a church in their village or in nearby villages. Their wives, neighbors, and church members (for those who already lead a church) have been asking them, “What has come over you? You are a completely transformed person!” We are not quite sure exactly what is going on, but whatever it is, it is great! We think that the source of this radical transformation could be that the Lord has decided to pour his Spirit into and through these guys or because they now have a network of ministry partners and people who believe in them and stand beside them. There’s a good chance it’s both! And just to whet your appetite, there is a really incredible story that has come from one of these guys in the Tamberma region, but I need to get some more details from Andrew this weekend before I can write about it.

As you can imagine, we are really excited to see what the Lord is going to do through the second round of classes coming up this weekend. Three more students will be joining the 15 since they couldn’t make the first round due to various circumstances. We’d like to ask you to pray with us that the Holy Spirit continues to work through each and every one of these guys and that He empowers Andrew, Tchéou, and Daré as they teach and mentor the students. The students will arrive Thursday night with classes taking place all day Friday and Saturday, ending Sunday afternoon. Thanks for praying!

1st session students and teachers