I spoke with Andrew on Monday and just wanted to give you a quick update on the things I mentioned in our last blog post. He said that the disciple maker training went extremely well in spite of all the difficulties leading up to it. The students especially enjoyed learning some of the basics of interpreting the Bible. Andrew said that Komlah, the former witchdoctor, who has no previous training and very little former education, was one of the best students, furiously taking notes and asking questions of the teachers between each and every session. There were three people who couldn’t make it including Hareem who had the motorcycle accident. He is doing much better now, by the way, and appears to be making a full recovery. These three students will be doing a catch-up, one day intensive course so they can continue with the other students in the coming months.

Another bit of good news is that it appears that termites have not eaten the manure and corn, as we had suspected, in the farming plot we did at our house. This is good news not just because the corn is doing well, but also because it provides further evidence of our theory as to why the termites went after the manure—and thus the corn roots—at Komlah’s house. We believe that they acted in this out-of-character way because the slash-and-burn practices of the villagers leaves virtually no living, organic material for the termites to eat, meaning that they rushed to the first nutrient rich thing they could find: the manure we put into the planting stations. Our plan is to use this opportunity to find solutions to this problem that we can implement in future trainings. We will be replanting the corn with an experimental solution in each row or two, such as wood ash, plant-based insecticide, and chili pepper powder.

We really appreciate your prayers for both the school of discipleship and for the farming plots. We are very encouraged by what the Lord is doing and how he’s working even through the difficulties and challenges!