First off, I’m very sorry that I wasn’t able to update you about Christiana sooner. The internet was down from Saturday until Sunday evening, but by the time I got home Sunday night I was so exhausted from a very long two days out in villages that I crashed around 1am after talking with Tiffany and the boys on Skype.

Also before I update you, I just want to say thank you so much for the overwhelming response to our request that you pray for Christiana. We know that many, many people were praying for her and for us, and we do not overlook that in the least!

I truly wish that I had some exciting and positive news to share with you about the whole situation, but the sad reality is that I don’t. In short, appart from an absolute miracle from Jesus, I don’t think that Christiana has any hope of change for the better.

Andrew and I spent at least 30 minutes talking with her, which mostly consisted of her ranting about all kinds of fabricated stories and accusations against her husband, the police, and others. She has told us on occasions that she hears voices in her head that tell her “secrets” about people, and at the very least she has admitted that they are not good, but on Saturday when I asked her point blank about them, she said that she does not want the voices to stop. She was very resistant to us praying for her, although at one point she did allow Andrew and me to do so after we essentially interrupted her and began praying. However, later on when Daré and Jean tried praying with us for her, she ran off and refused to let us pray for her any more.

At this point, we are a bit confused and unsure of where to go from here. We absolutely know that God can work miracles in people’s lives—we have seen it happening all over the Lamba region!—and we are now praying for just that; however, we are not really sure what the Lord might want us to do at this point, if anything.

We certainly hope that you will continue to lift up Christiana in prayer with us. We know that as much as our hearts ache to see her restored and free from this bondage, Jesus must feel that infinitely more so. So please continue to seek, ask, and knock (Mt. 7:7) that the Lord will intervene in her life in a powerful way and do the impossible. Thank you!