No, don’t worry, I’m not selling tickets for miracles, but I do want to tell you about our latest mini-miracle. Many of you have been praying about our crazy airline ticket situation, and we have some great news for you! If you don’t know anything about it, read the end of this post to catch up on what’s going on.

Well, after waiting for around two weeks to hear back from United after sending them a desperate, last-ditch-effort letter, I had just about given up all hope. I figured that we would just have to cancel the tickets ($200 per) and somehow come up with the money to purchase pricy one-way tickets to Togo in June. Since I never heard back from them and was getting nowhere with phone agents, I decided that I would test out their glitchy online system. After all, it had already allowed me to move the date of two of our tickets past the technically allowed date, so I decided to cancel the tickets outright and see what would happen. Now keep in mind that a phone agent had already told me that it would be impossible to cancel the tickets since we had already flown half of our round trip itinerary. I’m not sure what they expected us to do–keep the tickets and just not board the plane?! Knowing this, I fully expected the system to tell me at some point, “No, you can’t cancel your tickets!” but amazingly that never happened. I was able to go through the whole process, pay the cancellation fee, and even got a confirmation saying that 160,000 miles and $800 (from taxes and fees) would be redeposited into my frequent flyer account and credit card, respectively. The part that gave me absolutely no hope that this would actually happen was the last confirmation page which stated that “the refund will be processed pending an audit by our accounting department.” Bye bye miles. Bye bye money. Oh well, nothing more to lose anyway.

Perhaps those of you who have been praying for this have had more faith than me, but to be perfectly honest I had kissed those miles and money goodbye. A few days later, this situation was really starting to weigh on me along with a couple other similarly messy/difficult situations. I really felt the need to turn this all over to the Lord because I knew He didn’t want me carrying these burdens. I got on my knees, released it all to Christ, and literally prayed for a miracle. I don’t often pray for miracles.  There are situations in which we need to pray for guidance and wisdom while recognizing that God is in control of all things, then there are others in which we can do absolutely nothing but ask God to do the impossible. I prayed until I felt like God had lifted this burden from me and given me the assurance that He was going to take care of it. Whether He would provide the finances for new tickets or somehow make the miles return to our account, I didn’t know, but I knew that it was no longer my burden to carry.

Later that day I was helping Joshua with homework when out of nowhere I had one of those “still, small voice” moments telling me to check Tiffany’s United account. I pulled it up and was absolutely shocked and amazed to see 160,000 miles back in her account! Then I pulled up our credit card account and sure enough, there was an $800 refund! I nearly jumped through the ceiling, but then quickly reminded myself that we still didn’t have tickets. I spent the next couple hours searching desperately for available seats in mid-June, only to find that there were no possible routings through Europe, which is the most direct route. In fact, the only itinerary that had four available seats departed on June 30 and was one of the worst itineraries I’ve ever seen: Portland to D.C. – 7 hour layover – redeye to Sau Paulo, Brazil – 15 hour layover! – redeye to Togo – 45 hours in all! We depart June 30th and arrive July 2nd—yikes! I’m not complaining, though, because I was able to use those miles and pay only $171 in taxes and fees for all four of us!

Keep in mind that none of this should have been “possible,” at least in the way the we (or United Airlines) define possible, but with God all things are possible! This was just the latest of many amazing things we have seen our great God do, and we want to share this with you so you can join us in praising Him for His miraculous provision!