I just wanted to quickly let you know how the start to our first moringa project went today at Déouté. Excellent! In typical African fashion, everyone was punctually late by one hour, but once we got moving it went very well. We started with some preliminary stuff, then jumped into the lesson. Because the guys are so anxious to get their trees planted, today we only covered the very basics of how to plant, trim, and care for the trees, but we’ll follow it up with several more lessons in the future. After the lesson we grabbed our hoes and prepared the ground in Tcheou’s field, then planted 100 seeds. Over the next week the other guys will be doing the same at their homes around the village. Andrew and I plan to use that as an opportunity to visit each home and hopefully get to know their families as we seek out that person/people of peace. We have scheduled the next lesson for the 28th of this month, but please be praying in the meantime for our visits to go well. Overall, we feel like the moringa project got off to a great start and that God is going to use it to open doors for his good news.