There’s simply no way to describe everything that has happened in the past few weeks in our family. The biggest news is that we have gone from not knowing when we would ever get back to Togo (and being a bit discouraged about it, honestly) to reserving tickets for May 30! How did that happen? The only answer we can give is: God happened. He did it all, seriously.

About a year ago when we were very confident that God wanted us back in Togo, but had no idea how that was going to happen after having lost all our support. We began earnestly praying that God would give us clear direction and provide a way back. After a lot of prayer and pouring over the Word (especially the book of Matthew), we felt very strongly that God wanted us to simply trust him. Now, we have talked about trusting God before, and there were certainly times when we did that, but this was different. We felt that God was leading us simply to share the vision he had given us with anyone who would listen, then trust him to provide everything we needed to get back and sustain us while we are there. We learned how to ask God for the things we need instead of asking other people. I know that it sounds like we have some sort of great faith, but to be honest there were many days when it felt more like stupidity than faith. There were so many days when we doubted his provision. We never doubted that he could get us back to Togo, just that he would.

A few weeks ago I reached a breaking point. God revealed to me the burden I was carrying and the self-reliance I began to cling to. I released it all to him once again and put it back into his hands, confident that he would provide in his perfect timing. Well, nothing could have prepared me for what was to happen next; within 24 hours five people had approached us and told us that they want to support us. We had gone from needing another 20% of our minimum goal to reaching 96%. Within a few days after that we were at 100% and started looking at airline tickets!

So, we are now in that bittersweet stage of knowing that we’re headed back “home,” but at the same time leaving all those we love here at “home.” Over the past year we have made so many great new friendships and grown deeper in old ones that it’s going to be really hard to say goodbye. But, we know that the Lord has a purpose for us in Togo, and each day we are away from it makes us long to be back there even more.

We’d like to ask you to pray for a few things as we head back:

1. For our preparation in the next few weeks and for safe travels on May 30 to June 2
2. That we transition well back into the culture and continue learning the important aspects of the culture
3. Continued language learning (Kabiye is the language we’re learning)
4. A growing reliance on the Holy Spirit in our work in Togo
5. Open doors in cities and villages through the Moringa tree projects
6. For God to prepare people of peace wherever we go
7. Wisdom and power from the Spirit as we make disciples, plant churches, and mentor leaders

And just so you know, we are busy from now until we leave, but we really want to make it a priority to get together with anyone who wants to, so don’t hesitate to ask. We want to see as many people as we can before heading out, so get in touch with us so we can plan something soon!

Thanks everyone for your love, friendship, prayers, and support!