Hey everyone! We just wanted to write one last quick update before we head out tomorrow morning. Wow, it sounds strange to be saying that we are leaving tomorrow morning! We’ve been waiting for 14 months for this day to arrive and now that it’s finally hear it seems a bit surreal.


We have been incredibly busy over the past couple weeks preparing to go and meeting with a few last people, but we somehow managed to get it all done. The luggage is all packed and now we’re just waiting for tomorrow morning when the really exhausting part starts: 33 hours of airplanes and layovers, then a couple days in Lome (Togo’s capitol), then a six hour drive back to our home in Kara. We certainly aren’t complaining, though; we would gladly double that trip in order to get back home!

We have a few things we’d like to ask you to pray for over the next few days:
1. For our safety during all this traveling.
2. For both the boys to be comfortable and patient during these many hours, especially for Owen.
3. For our luggage to arrive undamaged and untampered with.
4. For our adjustment back into life in Togo.

We will certainly update you with more prayer requests after we get settled, but for now we appreciate very much your prayers for our upcoming trip.

We probably sound like a broken record player, but we just can’t stop expressing the two things dominated our thoughts over the past few weeks, that God has worked in so many amazing ways in the past year that we have run out of words to describe it, and that we have been astounded by the ways He is using all of you in our lives. We are overwhelmed by everyone’s prayers, generosity, help, love, and friendship. We truly are a blessed family, and we are grateful for God’s grace in our lives.

Talk to you soon…from the other side!