Wow, what a day! As you might already know, Living Water is now our sending church which we’re really excited about. Our plan is to be back in Togo by spring (or early summer at the latest) of 2012, so for the next few months we’re really focusing on getting to know more people at Living Water. Other than visiting individual families, we’re also planning to visit all the home groups that meet throughout the week. Yesterday, we were invited to come to two different groups and talk about Togo and our mission. So, at 3 o’clock we met at my parents’ house with about 12 people from Steve & Nancy Youngs’ group. We had a really great time showing some pictures and videos of life in Togo which sparked a lot of questions. Unfortunately, though, we had to leave a bit early to rush over to the next home group that started at 5 o’clock. At 5:40 we pulled up to Neil & Glynnis Hall’s house to meet with their group. Yes, we let them know we would be late! What really surprised me was that out of the 20ish people there, we had never met most of them. So it was really nice getting to know some more of “the family.” Tiffany and I feel like this was a great opportunity to share more of our vision and heart for Togo and we are so glad to have more people praying for us and cheering us on.